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About Us

With a passion for both retro and modern gaming, Retreaux Games was created to offer a unique take on classic style RPGs. We are a team of two whose goal is simple: to combine a retro aesthetic with modern convenience and uniquely indie sensibilities.

The studio was initially founded in 2011 by Josh Garlitz under a slightly different name, but reemerged in 2019 with longtime friend Andrew Steadman as co-developer. With a new focus on RPGs and an appreciation for the craft, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

Pillars of Dust
March 17th, 2020

Our first project and flagship game is a retro style jRPG about young two men with an intertwining story. Play through their quests one at a time, or switch at any time, to see the same world through two very different perspectives.

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